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Apple Units - Geekbench Benchmarks

A few people have been asking me for GeekBench stats - so I thought I'd put them all in one place.

So. Geek bench Processor Stats. I've been asked to run Geekbench benchmarks on a number of different devices recently, so I thought I'd collate and put them in one place. If you click on the images you can download the actual GB file.

First, let's look at the summary.


Single & multi-cure are obvious. MC Increase is the % increase on the previous device.

Win 10 MC is the GeekBench multi-core score from running Windows 10 in Parallels. In all instances the machines have 4Gb and all the cores allocated to the VM.

% loss to virtualisation is the GeekBench loss when running virtualised.

The jump up between the Macbook and the rMBP is fairly significant isn't it! Then the step up to the new i5 Quad Core units is….very minor. Same performance pretty much, bar seeing slightly better virtualisation performance.

Apple iPad Air 2 128Gb/Cellular

Apple Macbook 12" Retina

NOTE: Interesting how close the Macbook and the iPad Air 2 are isn't it?

Apple Macbook 12" Retina Windows 10 in Parallels

Apple Macbook Pro 15" 2015 Quad Core i7

Apple Macbook Pro 15" 2015 Quad Core i7 Windows 10 Parallels

Apple iMac 5K i5 (Late 2015)

Apple iMac 5K i5 (Late 2015) Windows 10 Parallels
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