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29-04-2013 Weekly Tech Update

Technical round-up to Monday 29 April 2013.

Last week I made some comments about what’s happening at Apple, and I’ve had a fair number of emails on the subject. As a side note, it’s always cool to get feedback - nice to know people actually read your stuff! Anyway, a lot of the comments seem to think I was being down on Apple - probably driven by my comments about Apple losing it’s mojo. I can kind of see why people thought that, wasn’t really my intention - I think really I just wanted more cool stuff than I was getting!

I’m not sure market share and share-price tell the whole story about Apple’s state of play. They’re hardly failing are they!? They may be losing market share to other cheaper competitors, but they’re dominating the revenue elements. By way of example, Strategy Analytics claim that Apple account for 42% of global smart-phone revenues, compared to Samsung’s 28% - it’s not
just about market share is it? The question is though is will they be able to maintain those margins when their competitors are coming out with far stronger products?

To be clear, I really hope Apple starts to generate some new and fresh products - I love their work! Oh - as a side note, see the boo-ha about
Soluto naming a Macbook as the best Windows laptop? Vaguely interesting, but not convinced on their findings.

I’ve also spent this week having numerous conversations about
Software/Music/Movie piracy. Like most people in the tech world, I know of people who will absolutely go out of their way to get something for free as their default position. I also know others that would classify themselves almost as ‘ethical downloaders’ - they’ll download stuff, and if they like it/use it, they’ll pay for it. Years ago I was dead-set against piracy in all forms - it just looked like theft to me. Now, I think I’m becoming more flexible, and certainly understanding the ethical downloader approach. Also, the media companies are hardly struggling financially are they, even if the download market did affect their revenues as much as they say they do? They seem to make the assumption that one hooky download=1 lost sale whereas I’m not convinced that’s a valid comparison. Anyways, would love to hear your thoughts as I haven’t fully decided on my own!

Blog Stuff
Haven’t been feeling very bloggy recently - have been quite busy with the day job - but have found time to waffle on about:

Apple IOS - A simple WANT.

Running Windows 8 virtualised on a Mac/OSX - works brilliantly. You can see a run through on both Parallels 8 and VMWare Fusion 5 on my blog. Whichever platform you choose, you’ll have a workable environment. Like I say in the entries, I tend to prefer desktop integration in Parallels 8, and then server stuff in Fusion.

I may regret this one - it would appear knocking Apple is the tech equivalent of mocking somebody’s mother… A
general rant about shopping at an Apple store.

If any of you are in to your cars, I’ve updated the angel eyes on my car, as the platform I have has the older yellow-coronas.
Easy to do.

How do you create a ringtone in iTunes from any track?

Some general thoughts on
technical support models, and some experiences.

UC Goodies
The UC community seems to be one of the most active out there doesn’t it? Certainly more than a lot of the other tech communities I’ve been involved with. Anyway, highlights below.

Annoying little problem -
"HTTPS Binding Not Found on Website"

Agile Designers - very useful little site, even for non-devs.

A very handy script here to find gaps in dial plans for extension numbers:
Lync 2010/2013 Script to find available numbers in a Lync deployment

Issue with Calling Number Translation Rules and E.164 Extension - interesting one this, taking account of extension numbers.

Great article on NoJitter about
Moving Voice and the Network to Software - well worth a read.

Run through of some of the new features in Lync 2013 -
in this instance, persistent chat.

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