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25-03-2013 Weekly Tech Update

Technical round-up to Monday 25 March 2013.


Following my TechUpdate last week where I was re-assessing my kit in use, I’ve upgraded my main laptop with a bigger Samsung 500Gb SSD. Astonishing how those prices have come down isn’t it? I think the days of physical drives for OS & Apps are numbered - once you’ve used an SSD you’ll never go back! Anyway, you can read/see the upgrade process and about the drives here:

Samsung 840 Series SSD in a Macbook Pro
Macbook Pro - SSD Upgrade

The other thing I’ve been thinking about this week is dominance of cloud services. Interesting how it feels like only a few months ago (!) where we were all talking about the ‘potential’ of cloud services, and here we are now utterly dependent on it in some way or another. I think about the Cloud services I use now and it’s things like:

  • Dropbox for non-critical/secure file sharing
  • Skydrive for general storage
  • iCloud for synchronisation across my Apple kit
  • EverNote for all of my notes and general clipping stuff

….and I’m sure there’s other stuff! It’s here to stay from a consumer perspective isn’t there - some stuff you may not even think about. Of course there’s still security concerns with cloud - a recent one being the
Hacking of Evernote, and yesterday potential issues with the Apple ID Security too. Interesting times on that front - personally I use 1Password to ensure I always use very complex passwords on line - fortunately ones I don’t have to remember!

General Blog Items
Wow, a lot this week! I’ve been busy. Firstly, I’ve been thinking about and discussing how Telephony seems to be losing its importance. Would be massively interested in your views on that one.

I still have
unknown number rage.

I’ve written up/video’d how to build a Lync 2013 Standard Edition server - it’s not as hard as it sounds from all the docs out there. You can see that here:

Installing a Lync 2013 Standard Edition Server

I’ve been hearing of people having issues implementing Office Web Apps on Server 2012 - not really sure why as it’s really quite straight forward and hey, just works. Article here runs through how to do it, and shows a video putting it together.

Installing Office Web Apps on Server 2012

Some handy Apple tips below too:

OSX - Quick and easy way to lock your desktop
Changing the location of your screenshots on OSX
Change the format of OSX Screenshots
RapidWeaver - Wrong images in posts

I had an interesting discussion this week about the management of presence, and it reminded me of an article I wrote a couple of years ago on presence - would be interested in your thoughts!

The Etiquette of Presence

Also, I caught this article on
Teens and Technology in 2013. It ties in to the whole ‘Generation Y’ thing from a few years ago - the teens of today are the workers of tomorrow, and it’s an interesting insight as to how those new workers are likely to want to work.

Lync Goodies
Some of the more interesting Lync/UC stuff I’ve found this week:

Why I love Lync 2013 - A telecommuters dream come true. <- Couldn’t agree more!

Microsoft Will Support WebRTC As Soon As The Standard Is Ratified - interesting article on Microsoft’s attitude to WebRTC.

Interesting article on
Anywhere Working.

Microsoft Lync: The Most Open and Actually Connected UC Solution - Another great and succinct article from Matt Landis. He’s good at it isn’t he?

Lync 2013 Mobile Client deployment – field notes - some useful field pointers in here.

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