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20-05-2013 Weekly Tech Update

Technical round-up to Monday 20 May 2013.

Week behind - I’ve been busy with the day job, doing awesome stuff, with other awesome stuff, and with some fairly awesome people (no, not you).

I’ve been making an effort to love Windows 8, and a Windows 8 tablet the last week or so…and you can read the (not great) results of that here:

Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet 2 - Windows 8 Pro Tablet
Why do I like Windows 8 so much?

I think I’ve finally given up on trying to think Windows 8 is a workable solution to a portable touch device - it just doesn’t work. Maybe if I hadn’t used a focussed IOS system before, I’d have been able to put up and work with the restrictions that are evident…but I have, so I can’t. I also vaguely agree with this article too:

Toshiba: Microsoft confused tablet buyers with Windows 8

Anyone have a credible reason for the existence of WindowsRT? Anyone?

I’ve come around to agree with the people that I listen to constantly bemoaning its short-comings….This doesn’t make me happy.

Another thing that’s been interesting me the last few weeks is the way a lot of my sites don’t make best use of the tools they have to manage their own systems - they stick to manual methods of configurations & migrations. You can read about that in this article here:

Automating Common Administrative Tasks

Another small thing you Apple users may find useful - or Windows users for that matter:

Accessing Apple HFS Volumes from Windows

Rumours of Microsoft offering Desktop as a Service for Windows seems to be gathering pace it would seem:

Microsoft readies "desktop as a service" version of Windows

I’d be interested on people’s views on that - would you be interested in a service model for desktop usage?

For you Mac Office 2011 users, there’s a new update out:

Description of the 14.3.4 update for Office for Mac 2011

UC Goodies
Loads of good stuff out there in the community right now - I think I’ve said before, I think the UC Community is probably one of the most active and useful out there in the world of tech. Let’s have a look:

Firstly, you should be aware that Hybrid-Voice in Office365 is changing - parts of it are being deprecated. See here:

Lync Hybrid Offers Simplified

Be clear on this bit:

Second, Lync Server may be used in conjunction with Lync Online in a “split domain” configuration. This allows customers to home some users on Lync Server and others in the Office 365 cloud, with users homed on Lync Server taking advantage of the full Lync Server feature set, including all enterprise voice features.

You can do the on-prem Enterprise Voice split-domain configuration, so providing voice for
on-prem users is supported.

Interested in why Microsoft instead of Cisco?
Interesting article here - obviously Microsoft bias (Duh) but a good place to start. There’s also another view here:

UC experience: Cisco vs Microsoft

I’m not convinced by all of the points made in the above article, and I’ll write up why shortly.

The Microsoft UC User Group met in April, and you can read about this over at Justin Morris’ blog:

MUCUG London April 2013 Review

There’s a bit of a gotchya you should be aware of if you’re migrating Lync 2010 to 2013, and you have federation to office365/LyncOnline. You can read about that here:

Lync Online Federation Issues with Lync 2013 Post-Migration

Great article here on configuring a split-domain with LyncOnline/Office365:

Step-by-step Guide Enabling Split-domain within Office 365 Lync Online

Anyways, till next time.

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